Salads and dressings

Did you know,

that commonly-known salad oil frequently is used in very low-budget kitchens. Often to imitate real Pumpkin Seed Oil?

Read here: What is the difference between "commonly-known" salad oil and Styrian Products Gutmann First-class Salad Oil.

Styrian salad

- Garden rocket
- Lamb´s lettuce (various lettuce can be used)
- 50g Styrian scarlet runner beans
- 80g corn
- 250g tomatoes
- Salt & pepper (further spices like oregano can be added)
- 3-5 tbs. Styrian Pumpkin Seeds
- 1-3 tbs. premium balsamico or cider vinegar
- 3-5 tbs. First-class Salad Oil

We recommend to use First-class Salad Oil

Cooking instruction
1. Wash and cut the garden rocket, the lamb´s lettuce and the tomatoes carefully. Then put them into a bowl. If garden rocket and lamb´s lettuce is not available other lettuce can be used instead.
2. Afterwards wash and add the scarlet runner beans and the corn. Please note that fresh scarlet runner beans need to be cooked, if you did not buy them in a can already cooked.
3. Season your salad with a pinch of salt and if you like grounded pepper. Of course further spices can be added.
4. Finally add a few table spoons of high-quality natural-skinless Pumpkin Seeds. Then finish your salad with good-quality balsamic or cider vinegar and First-class Salad Oil.

More about salads and dressings will follow soon

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