First-class Salad Oil

First-class Salad Oil from Styrian Products Gutmann

What is the difference to “commonly-known” salad oil?

“Commonly-known” salad oil is not from first-pressing and regularly consist up to 95% of cheapest-quality oils.

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First-class Salad Oil 250ml


This first-class vegetable salad oil is a composition of 65% finest Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil P.G.I and 35% premium sunflower oil. This perfect combination is not only tastefully harmonic, but also wonderful for body and soul. With a very well structured fatty acid profile and GMO-free produced.

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First-class Salad Oil 500ml

Hints for usage

It simply makes your salad dressing perfect. Recipe videos are being prepared for you on our Facebook page and website. Some people use this first-class salad oil also for the typical Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil dishes, like pumpkin crème soup, Styrian sour beef or for baking. Thanks to the large share of 65% real Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil P.G.I. from first-pressing which gives our salad oil the possibility to maintain most of its unique taste and healthy advantages.

Pumpkin Seed Oil benefits

8 reasons

Why you should get this first-class salad oil!


It simply makes a perfect salad dressing within 10 seconds.

You can use it for a wide range of dishes.

It really is priceworthy for its quality features and cheaper than pure Pumpkin Seed Oil.

People just love it for its smooth harmonic taste. This combination of premium oils is a true innovation.

In case pure Pumpkin Seed Oil has a too strong taste for you, you are going to love this harmonic combination.

Everybody who cares about nutrition should get this oil. It carries most of the healthy advantages of Original Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil.

You probably just don´t like to eat the same thing with the same taste every day.

For every balanced nutrition you need different high-quality oils.

The difference: "commonly-known" salad oil vs. First-class Salad Oil

First pressing

A press cake is what remains after making oil. Did you know, that a press cake can be grounded, roasted and pressed a second time? However, it never is possible to reach not even roughly the same oil quality than with first-pressing. That´s why ony first-pressing is allowed for the Original Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil P.G.I. We exclusively use Pumpkin Seed Oil from first-pressing, also for our salad oil. We think everybody deserves a first-quality salad oil.

How “commonly known” salad oil made?

“Commonly known” salad oil is made by taking the old press cake which remains from the first-pressing of Original Pumpkin Seed Oil. This press cake then is grounded and roasted a second time. But, you must know that there would never be enough rest oil in the press cake to get reasonable outcomes. Therefore, usually very cheap industrial oil is taken to press the old press cake a second time. Oil is a very sensitive product. It has the ability to easily take over other flavors. The target behind this method is, that the extremely cheap industrial oil absorbs the flavor and color of Pumpkin Oil. It should look like and taste like Pumpkin Seed Oil. Nevertheless, the results are usually so bad, that often a certain percentage of real Pumpkin Seed Oil is added additionally to this "commonly known" salad oil with the intention to increase the quality and taste. Otherwise the quality and taste would be "too bad". Obviously, the resulting commonly-known salad oil never can reach not even roughly the same quality than a fresh first-pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil. We exclusively use fresh first-pressed oils.

What is bad by pressing the cake a second time?

Nothing, if you really don´t care about taste and your nutrition. If you are not sure, get a “commonly known” salad oil and try a pure table spoon of it. Presumably, afterwards you will have recognized the difference. Such "commonly known" salad oils are often used in really low-budget kitchens of extremely low-cost restaurants and hotels.

How our first-class salad oil is made?

A unique combination of high-quality oils.

We were searching for an easy to use product. Which should make a perfect salad dressing within 10 seconds and which should be usable for a series of other dishes too. Furthermore, we were looking for a perfectly smooth taste, softer than pure Pumpkin Seed Oil, but with as much positive nutritional elements. And it should be cheaper than pure Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil. We knew, that the commonly known salad oil was no option due to quality and taste. Not an easy task. But we accomplished it and found a completely new unique combination of 65% Original Styrian Pumpkin Seed oil, including all the health benefits from Pumpkin Oil, with 35% high-quality sunflower oil.

Why sunflower oil and Pumpkin Seed Oil?

After trying countless times all kind of variations with different oil. We came to the conclusion, that a high-quality sunflower oil gives a perfect harmonic combination. The flavors of this two oils harmonize greatly with each other.

Why 65% Pumpkin Oil and 35% sunflower oil?

After we had found two perfectly harmonizing oils, we needed to figure out the optimal mixing ratio. Evidently the higher the share of Original Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil was, the more intensive was the typical Pumpkin Oil taste. We tried every single possible ratio until we found the 65% / 35% ratio. Why that? With this ratio we got a surprisingly wonderful combination. The Oil tastes exceptionally smooth and gentle, while still maintaining the fine nutty Pumpkin Seed Oil aroma. A flavorful harmonic and round taste. At the same time the product maintains most of the nutritional benefits of pure Pumpkin Seed Oil. Thanks to the large share of 65% first-pressed Original Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil.

Health benefits of the Pumpkin Seed Oil

Vitamin E a natural radical catcher and antioxidant.
Cholesterol versus Phytosterols.
Unsaturated & essential fatty acids.
Traditional / folkloric uses.

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